I’ve often felt like my life is way more chaotic and fast paced than anyone else I know. Is this actually true or are we all going through the same levels of day to day intensity? I tend to think a single person without dependants doesn’t have anything on me but what do I know.

Currently I’m dealing with the following. I’m still in quarantine and monitoring myself and my twin daughters. I’m between jobs so I’m applying every day. I have a job waiting for me post quarantine and I also have 3 interviews tomorrow, one via zoom and the others in person. When quarantine ends tomorrow, besides the interviews I have to get groceries, get a wheel alignment and take my daughters to a movie.

Every day, whether working or not, I write, workout, cook for 3, clean, go for a walk, eat, bathe and sleep. Often the girls have appointments or I do and we frequent grocery stores every day or two. I’m typically up around 6am and my day winds down about 930pm, present quarantine not included.

I average fielding about 10 phone calls a week whether to health practitioners, business or other. I try to make church weekly and am getting into a weekly small group meeting. I want to add in a bi-weekly counseling session and I need to up my gym visits post delta variant.

I’m most certain that I am forgetting a thing or 2 but I mean am I actually swamped or is it just me? And do you have a similar breakdown in your daily goings on? I suppose it matters not. Obviously this isn’t a competition and if it were I’d be losing overall. I’m simply curious.

I would like my life to be less hectic. In those rare times where my daughters aren’t around for a brief spell I firstly find myself lost and then a bit of boredom settles in. This is just interim stuff so I can’t say I prefer going full tilt as I don’t know what it’s like to have free time. I suppose a happy medium would be ideal but that’s currently far from where I’m at.

I feel like I’m both sharpest and equally the dullest when I’m running around with packed days like I am. I’m off my game if I’m not busy but if I’m not so busy then my creativity has room to flourish. As I slowly shift to self-reinvention it will all fall into place. We aren’t designed to be chickens with our heads cut off.

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