The Year Of New Chapters.

Ever take off six months and travel the world? Me neither. I am, however, taking off the next six months to stay at home. No, this is not a vacation. This is not me with my feet up without a care in the world. This will be me living the life I should be living, without giving up 40 hours a week to the man. Here we go.

My girls need me. They always have and in a perfect world I would have never worked a day job but alas, bills needed to be paid. It seems like every other day there are appointments, phone calls, emails to respond to and assistance needed given. On top of all that they, again, are without bussing arrangements until mid to end of October which means their only way to school is by me.

My body needs me. Since new years I’ve taken off thirty of the sixty unwanted pounds added to my frame. I’m in a way better place but still only halfway to where I should be. The time is nigh; I need the guy I recognize staring back at me in the mirror. And my body needs to fully heal. Day in day out trauma to the back or strain on a tennis elbow makes Kris an angry boy. We put our bodies through so much crap and for what.. $15 an hour?!

My writing career needs me. Too long have I procrastinated about building my readership and promoting myself. This is a full time job that I haven’t taken serious then complained that I am not seeing the rewards yet. I won’t be treating it as said job but I will put in 2 or 3 hours a day compared to maybe 30 minutes a week. And that, my friends, will be huge progress.

Sure, it’s a bit of a radical notion. It’s not like I’m using $20’s to wipe my nose but with careful planning and execution this is entirely doable. I’m already happy with it and the kids are too. At this age peace of mind is everything. If there’s apprehension then you shouldn’t persue it. Feeling at ease about a life shift is paramount.

I swear I’m not instigating monumental change in my life just ’cause. In a few short months I’ve undergone life extending surgery, walked away from an adulthood of drinking, lost 30 lbs, walked away from a long term job and now this. Soon I’ll be out of leaves to turn over but my goodness, what I’ve left behind deserves to be exactly where I left it.

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