I don’t have much to complain about and I rarely wax political. Sure, I want to tell all these anti-vax characters to get their heads out of their conspiracy laden arses but I won’t. I’m not into stirring the pot. Internet chatter does nothing but instill further annoyance.

The world we live in today is so completely different than I remember it being. We are divided into one extreme in each (un)respectable corner. What’s left over and quite possibly the largest split group are those in the grey area somewhere near the middle.

In regards to this current pandemic at first I was a raging anti-masker and into referring to covid as a plandemic. I was the first person at my job to land a mask exemption note. I thought it was all a joke for the most part and I wouldn’t even think about my family and myself getting the vaccine. It was probably the mark of the beast and it wouldn’t work any way.

Then I had enough of it all. Seeing these hardcore anti-maskers come to my job and harass staff broke the camels back. I was ready to give up my status as one of them on a dime. Then some of my family got vaxxed and close family doctors assured me my daughters wouldn’t be harmed by it. No guarantees but it was now clear to me that this was the only way out of this nightmare pandemic.

Thank God I made that decision as months later we all aquired the delta variant and without the vaccinations my daughters may have gotten it bad or worse. Through all of this, the reality that covid is truly a taker of health and in seeing first hand the value of the jab, I stepped into the grey area.

It’s not simply a place without thought or statement but I had completely flipped from my original flaky thinking I knew everything stance. Grey, sure, but with a strong enough belief that the conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxers are terribly lost and uninformed.

I saw a posting on Facebook yesterday that a Christian woman had put up. The gist was that she is doing a “quiet protest” against the use of masks. As we find ourselves yet again told to cover our faces, common sense escapes these people. The fact that “complying” to this is the enemy and that she’d rather make minimum wage earning employees lives stressful is just ridiculous to me. It must be terribly exhausting being so wound up and chasing the wrong cookie.

This is not about giving in to the powers that be. There is no need to fight back and run your mouth. It’s about getting through this thing. It’s about health and the preservation of life. Goodness sakes, folks. Enough already.

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