With the twins back to school my days are turning into exactly how I foresaw them. Is not running a 9 to 5 position strange? It is but if you have the means to avoid that grind I highly recommend it. Oh, I’m working hard daily, just not for someone else and at something I could care less about.

I wake at 8 after getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. I take my girls to school then I’m off to the gym. I put in 45 to an hour combining heavy lifting with a decent cardio session. I finish covered in sweat and my empty belly begins to growl.

Upon returning to the homestead I settle into my office with a litre of h2o and commence putting in 2 hours of anything writing. This could entail finding publishers and submitting work, and marketing myself to gain a stronger readership on social media. If I’ve reached my daily quota or if I am chomping at the bit with a writing idea I will either work on my new novel or put together a blog post.

My work morning ends with my first meal of the day. There are no lunchroom limits like leftovers or cold what-have-you. With barbeque season still on deck I can whip up this, that or the other protein to my liking. Due to my current ongoing weight loss I allow myself around 500 calories 3 times a day. If I choose to splurge a bit and go slightly over I’m regretting it for the next few hours. I’m both suprised and pleased at my level of discipline; it has been nearly 3 weeks now without 1 screw up.

Phone calls and emails and naps of all sizes are feathered into my afternoon. After the school pickup my evenings are reminiscent of every night from decades ago. School discussions, dinner dealings, household cleanings and next day preppings.

Around 730 or 8 I step into my second workout of the day comprised of a brisk walk for about 45 minutes. This has become a daily staple that helps me unwind and continues a fat burn into the wee hours of the night. Who knows what I’ll do when the white stuff flies; I suppose back to the gym.

As I document this junk I realize how boring it all really is but hey, it beats punching a clock. The fat loss is slow (5 lbs in over 2 weeks) yet no doubt the healthiest way to lose. Everything is on track and if all goes well I’ll have my body back with improvements and I will start to see some income with the writing. I’d like to say these things are priceless but then I’d be missing the point.

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