With this new found health and ever melting weight loss, my confidence may be returning in buckets. What was once an overweight middle age man all single as can be is ramping up into some sort of crazy attractor of sorts. I realize that word doesn’t really mean what I want it to mean, but it fits and I like it, so it stays.

Disclaimer pause. The following documents various anomalies that may make me come across as egotistical or over confident. I can assure you I am not. I’m barely confident. I’m a few percent below the minimal requirement actually. These accounts are merely observations that I find interesting and worthy of sharing.

Through my on again, off again relationship with dating sites I find myself in a current tug of war between two very beautiful women. It’s a strange feeling to not only be wanted but to have options. I’m biding my time in weighing pros and cons though I do recognize the better fit.

On top of that mini scenario it appears there is a newly moved in and quite attractive single momma a few doors down. She smiles a bit more than one should when around me. It’s been sort of fun spotting one another each morn as her daughter walks to school the same time I take my daughters to theirs.

I’ve been spending solid time at the gym lately and out of the corner of my eye this attractive older woman was tractor beeming me in the other day. And subsequently every other day since. I’m not in the business of hitting on the fairer sex at the sweat factory but in this case there is a seemingly mutual attraction.

The long and the short of it is I am in the midst of doing my best to focus on a few tasks at hand. Dating wasn’t on the agenda but I suppose it’s just another reminder of how life is happening whilst we’re busy making other plans. Or in my case there’s no plans being made. I’m just living my life.

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