Proof Of Vaccination.

With this weeks introduction to the vaccine passport, I think it’s safe to say folks either feel slightly annoyed but accepting or continuously whining and left in the dust. Those of us that are onboard with it aren’t remotely onboard with it but we see it as a current part of life within this bloody pandemic. And those against the jabs are all but crap outta luck.

It all became hauntingly real this morning as I pulled the gym doors open and stepped inside. The girl at the desk offered up a “good morning” and then proceeded to ask for my “proof of vaccination, please”. I was momentarily taken aback. I fumbled with my pockets then stated it was in my vehicle which it actually was.

I was among the hordes of the vaxxed yesterday printing and laminating vax cards at Staples. That lineup itself was surreal enough, as though members of some end of the world club with not so VIP access.

We waited in spread out clumps awaiting our surnames to be called out before shaving off the excess laminate. Then we strolled out to our vehicles with a mixed sense of feeling like we carried a Willy Wonka golden ticket and maybe a burden none of us should carry.

Walking back into the gym with the inch or so too long card I was granted access. It felt bizarre but definitely good. Good to know I’m not in the group of those that will be denied a service such as this that they’re paying for. It feels good to know my family and I can go to the movies, sit in a restaurant and do all the other things people do in the free world.

And then we have all the naysayers chanting drivel such as it’s against the charter of rights and it’s discrimination. Sadly, a huge percentage of these type are Christians and frankly, it makes me embarrassed on their behalf. They seem to be infected with a virus within the virus. Their irreverent “don’t tell me what to do” attitude is alarming as it is dangerous.

Spouting conspiracy theories up the yinyang, all this group does is bellyache about how the government is playing us and how our rights are being taken away. I honestly can’t imagine being so confrontational. It must be exhausting.

Maybe you need to get a taste of one of these variants like I did. Maybe then you’ll understand how ridiculous and scared you sound. Or maybe you’ll just continue running your mouth until you wind up in the ICU like so many other anti-vaxxers. Only at this point, because you’ve refused the opportunity at a normal life, there won’t be enough staff to help you.

We’re here at yet another unprecented moment in this life altering pandemic, and we’re all in it together. The time of to-each-their-own is over. Do you honestly see any other alternative than getting those jabs so life can continue as you know it, at least for now? We’re here because of you. This can be fixed by you, too.

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