“Cry Propaganda.”

In the sea of humanity

Where the horrors are real.

Terrified in the corners.

Refuse to comply while they one by one die.

With middle fingers outstretched

And with such fear inside.

Hands clutching to theories

As they drift into the dirt.

Under a badge of faith

They prove themselves the most lost.

With dissonance thick

Such whining gets sterile.

Cry propaganda.

Them that are above this.

Your treasonous anchor

Binds us against the burner.

Malfeasance in spades.

A cantankerous pivot.

A mob miniscule

Under the guise of gigantism.

The war is in your mind

And it’s rank with cancer.

Eating your subconscious matter.

Consummation with decomposition.

No one is laughing.

No one left to feel sorry.

Your refusal was your right.

At least that’s yours for the grave.

The time to change is at hand.

Many are in line as we speak.

Resign your conspiracies.

Like sand, release through open fingers.

Your demagogue rhetoric fading fast.

Unlearn what you convinced yourself.

You are a burden to us all

And that can be forgiven.

You have made this worse

And all your rights will be returned.

Exorcise the monsters of your mind

As they flee your fog will break.

Vision restored; no more time to waste.

On level ground, onwards to the crux.

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