The past couple days I keep walking around with one word bouncing around inside my cranium. That word is unstuck. It means freed or loosened from being stuck, go figure. And that, my friends, couldn’t be a more accurate depiction of where I am at.

It’s not like I haven’t walked away from alot this year. In fact, it’s all been within the last 5 months. Notable items left in the dust include the following: sleep apnea, alcohol, 40 pounds, crap food and someone I cared about deeply whom denied my affections daily.

This year will go down as a monumental shifting in the life of one me. To this guy it’s all equally huge things. As soon as I was fully healed after the apnea surgery a ginormous weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Daily I feel lighter and lighter, both figuratively and literally. The mental fog is gone. My thinking is crisper and without hangover. I don’t fall asleep at red lights any more. Extra large shirts are now baggy on me. My belt doesn’t contain enough usable holes.

I’m not sad and filled with longing like I was. I’m happier. More content. Whole-r. And I guess experiencing all that human craving heartache will be all worth it as the writing I did in that time will soon potentially be published.

I can now barely get through a meal I might have had double of before. If I reach a satiated point I feel almost sick. I’m mastering this calorie deficit deal so much that I may end up weighing 90 pounds at the end of it. Gross.

I’ve even stretched myself above and beyond my typical norm. I’m thinking more of others and putting in deeper prayer. Soon I will be undertaking my first volunteer position in the community. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.

Will the other shoe drop? No because I wear flip flops. I know life is dark but the amount of light currently illuminating my path keeps it at bay pretty decently. What can I say? Life is pretty friggin’ good.

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