“Without Consent.”

All my love was aimed at you
Every bullet, tried and true
Every day you ran me through
How I hated loving you.

Smiling, glowing, bleeding red
Half alive and almost dead
Picture perfect in my head
Lies were every word you said.

The sickness you infused will thrive
The sickness is well and alive
You made me lock myself inside
From you I fully will deprive.

The hurt I feel did not intend
I didn’t plan on this descent
I’m gunning for this all to end
Ctrl-Alt-Delete, no more to send.

You’ve been removed yet you remain
Your residue is still the same
I can’t escape this love slash pain
Your face is branded as your name.

Things never change, that much is true
No war to win, no pulling through
There never was and that’s the truth
Without consent I fell for you.

Though deep inside, the time has come
Forever free. Forever done
There won’t be two, just one and one
There’s nothing new under the sun.

It’s buried far away from here
The forfeit key must disappear
A chasm whence I dug premiered
Slamming shut. It’s crystal clear.

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