First World Faceplant.

For the first time ever today I went to try and post something I wanted to part ways with on Facebook Marketplace but it hasn’t refreshed in hours and wouldn’t. I checked Instagram and same deal. My first line of phone fixery defense is a quick reboot which I did whilst consuming three fried eggs and a handful of grapes. Still nothing.

I bet you think I’m going to say that’s when the panic set in. No dice. No freak outs on any level. In fact, it was a nice, fleeting feeling of being at peace in realizing a world without the likes of Facebook or any of it’s greasy counterparts.

It can stay down ’til the cows come home and even the monkeys too. The fact that it has become a part of my daily life to check social media as much as I do is pretty sad. I could say it’s because of my line of work but in reality my writing career would most definitely survive if Facebook stayed down for the dirt nap.

Facebook is like a cancer. Besides posting on it, my typical experience with it gives a strong sense of unease and frustation. Any time wasted on reading brainless anti-vax insanity makes me want to cut my own head off. Just being on it you can feel ZuckerEffer gettìng richer.

I don’t even know how I got on this semi-rant. I really don’t even care that much one way or the other. A few minutes ago I was debating what to blog about and here I find myself listing the cons of the site apparently designed to keep our friends closest. Who am I to judge.

But that’s just it. We all judge, all day, every day. What this person said or the stance this person has. We judge ourselves (often inaccurately) all the time as well. It’s just par for the way things are or maybe I’m just covering my own keester, I dunno.

In the end a nice break from organized insanity aka The Facebook and similar sites is a good thing. The divide at least gets smaller. We can momentarily think our own thoughts and not have to put in a useless two cents that may or may not spark up an even more useless commentary. Here’s to hoping it stays down for the count.

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  1. Um. Down? Why not just cancel? I did almost a year ago. When something that means nothing is elevated to be the something of supreme significance, what is the point?

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