Innocent Bystander.

As much as I would theoretically like to pen another political posting I am going to refrain. In the grand scheme of things I’m far from a person of politics. That being said I am also quite passionate about how I feel. And in times like these where “my people”, the group I grew up around and have taught my kids their core values, are now somewhat my enemies? The passion doth erupteth over.

Biting my tongue has proved tricky for me. Not biting it has gotten me into trouble with a day job, with family, with a significant other, a co-worker and who knows who else. I think I will always struggle with the notion of censoring myself. I’m all about the opposite of that.

Going on about my my side of things causes division. Either you’re on board and it’s thumbs up, or your pissed at me and turned right off. Or on, but the dial points to aggression and we can’t have that.

What a time we are in though, hey? Like you haven’t heard that before. Whether you’re wound up and lost on delusion island, or confident in seeing this as it is.. the bottom line is we all just want our lives back. I think it’s safe to say even the ones that aren’t fighting are exhausted.

Lately I feel like every value I grew up with in a Christian home and in a Christian school and in Christian churches are now thrown out the window. At the height of this pandemic with Christians wearing the crown for looniest people on the planet, I am distancing myself greatly. For a people that the world should look to for the most important answers are being looked at with both laughter and sadness with a grand smattering of anger.

I know. I said I was going to bite my tongue and I will soon. Don’t get me wrong. I consider myself a man of God and between you and me, my walk with Him is solid. Am I renouncing Christianity? No. I am guilty by association. And no, it’s not like every last one of them has the same twisted mind set that the world is out to get them but sadly the lot is.

Picking a side shouldn’t be tragic but it is for me. The kicker is I was once like them and only because I was so inundated with that lifestyle. So for me to come out of the fog but to see so many others left in there, it tears me apart. And like so many battles I try to make it mine but it’s really not. Like you I’m just an innocent bystander with a conscience.

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