Happiness is fleeting and true joy doesn’t believe in sleepovers but dangit, life can get awfully good every now and then. In my present land of milk and honey there is much to be grateful for.

Where do I even start? Yes, folks, life is currently that good for this fellow. I feel fantastic! I am now down 40 pounds (20 to go) and I can’t seem to deviate from this path if I tried. My workouts are longer and fuller. My energy and testosterone are up and my stress is way down, if not existent at all.

In exactly one week I’ll be celebrating 6 months of sobriety. Doesn’t even seem possible but it most certainly is. I’ll be spending it amongst those I love on a little 3 day get away in one lovely Edmonton, Alberta.

I am built up by those closest to me and my self-confidence is on a reasonably steady incline. Sleep is hearty and dare I say deep. I’ve never been more hydrated and I leave every meal slightly hungry. If a person can be on a roll then I’m on a flippin’ 90 degree tumble.

My daughters are still in fantastically stable to healthy condition and will be celebrating their 18th bday on the afore mentioned weekend get away. Minus the typical monthly infusion, there are still no trips to the ER and that’s the way it shall continue as I speak it into ongoing existence.

Financially I’m in a thriving state and I am poised to sign my contract with a publisher for my poetry collection to come to life and be accessible around the world. My readership is growing almost daily and I couldn’t be happier with the fruits of my passionate labor.

I feel like I’m forgetting other splashings of innate goodness that I am wading in but for now we shall cap it at that. I’m on a life high and I’m fixin’ to continue floating on whatever cloud digit this is. Good things are always around the corner. And when they fall in your lap you gotta lock it down hard and embrace it as your own because it most certainly is.

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