“Love Illicit.”

Your head nestled in the hollow of my neck
Inside our cave of satisfaction
Contentment of a thousand wishes
Exploring the surface of my platitude
The unknowingness removed
Leaving slivers of comfort for days
You are so worthy
And are embedded in my flesh
Skewered showers
Makes for an imperfect cleansing
A baptism designed for the joining of our souls.

Unite these hearts
As the venom creeps within Poison is unable to conquer love
But with blood inflamed, we liquify
Vaporized and into the fray we go
Untouchable in the fire
And our desire only grows
We are fasting loneliness in these moments of rapture
Immortal, we ascend
Til death envelopes the dust we are.

Those years we had on earth transcend
Since our ascent, all is made new
We are light years from the pain of separation
No more moments fixed on failures
And with nothing to regret
Swim with me through the cosmos
We are floating galactic
I breathe your air
And the sinews of my soul align in you
We are here, touched by light
Transfixed eternal.You hold the key to my intoxication
The idea of you remedies me whole
Where others delivered death without passion, you erupt adoration for days
I am sewn into the pocket of your kindness
I am inside you as you reside amidst me
Your secrets I imbibe while I drink from your naked waters
Our love illicit radiates. Illuminates
Where roads have lost the only way
I’m kneeling here with lips to your feet
To serve
To be among loves embrace.

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