This past Saturday the kids and I took a little Alberta style jaunt to the smolderingly dead city of Edmonton. I refer to it as unliving because it’s always seemed off to me. Cold and not tempermentally. But hey, this isn’t about that. Similar to my previous posting it’s a celebration of sorts. Back to the land of the living.

It wasn’t a trip to Vegas or anything but because we never really do much or go anywhere it held it’s own special feel. There’s something enjoyable in simply going off schedule, even for just over two days. Easy to get equally lost and refreshed falling smack dab into a new environment, both fleeting and fabulous.

Shopping at West Edmonton Mall, a trip to the movies, late night hotel fast food, a couple of rides and restaurant feeds make a heart full. And that was just me. I can imagine how much more fun my little birthday girlies had.

They’ve had many a birthday celebration but I believe this one took the cake. The icing on it was indeed the leap into adulthood, a status both girls have wanted to keep at arms reach for years now. And why wouldn’t they want to remain children? I often emulate the same ideals though at best I pass for nothing more than a manchild.

I’ve done my best to convince them nothing really changes. Life goes on as they’ve always known except now they are allowed to vote. A straightforward concept of which they don’t yet grasp. And that’s fine considering there aren’t any elections happening any time soon.

As the dusty glitter of the capital city fades in our memories they press on past their childhood of yesteryear. I am the proud proprietor of three fully grown offspring and the bittersweetness of it continues to perpetuate itself. Life sings its guttural chirpings and all is well this side of the Alberta border.

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