“You Are Euphoria.”

Her eyes are pools
With depths unknown
A stones throw ripples
Like a thousand echoes
She radiates glory
And commands my affection
With dividends of worship
To her I am immortal entwined.

Our hearts drip with inclination
As we reside amongst desire
The heady, slick intoxicant
Buries and teeters me constant
Since you are the light
Then set me a glow
Smolder the wick
And engulf us consummate.

My adoration for you is legion
You’re better off counting the stars
Our crossroads enigma dwarfs even the most sensible of us
I don’t know what love died to grant us ours but if I could thank them I would
I can’t withstand the weight of your love
It bends. Overpowers. I’m down on my knees.

And in the midst of our triumph
There is grand tragedy
An accolade that befalls us
Subservient to the prevailing rapture we emerse ourselves in
My zeal for you cannot be untied
Nor tainted at the gravest of costs
Through the burning tears
Nothing is lost and with everything to gain.

We cannot be burdened with mortality
Our love is of invincible nature
And no one holds cause against
What we swore we would never relinquish
What can’t be taken will only flourish beyond our wildest imaginations
Therefore, we must inhabit this enamored state
Dissatisfaction lies dormant in this keyhole Eden of which we’ve only read about.

So under a new name we advance wholeheartedly
We walk as one under the sun
You are euphoria. Untouched and novel
You are my healer and I, your keeper
Defender and servant
And in the face of death there is life
One that will never cease
And you and I will remain unscorched.

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