I don’t know how we got here
But feel free to stay until I die
You can get your mail here for all I care.

I made some closet space. Ample, in fact
And your toothbrush will look nice next to mine.

I want you to know that you’re welcome
Not for doing anything specific but more so it’s just good if you’re here.

My singleness must be showing
Excuse my lack of “his & her” towels
There’s a curling iron around here somewhere with your name on it.

I have systems for things but I welcome your disruption
I don’t mean any disrespect
I want to be disrupted Honestly.

You’ve moved into my head and nothing could be more acceptable
I always knew there was space
I kept it pretty clutter free.

There is no more need for an ambulance
Not that I’m sickness prone
You could be my savior
The addition I didn’t think was in my cards.

You’re a firework going off in my heart
I can’t show you my insides
Please just believe me
You’d think it would end but it doesn’t
And I don’t want it to.

One response to ““Firework.””

  1. Dude. I hope she reads your blog. Better yet, you do talk, real talk with her, right? No? Get with it.

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