I have been fumbling through the darkness
And the only way I can see that is with eyes laid on you
You are light.

I have been in solitary confinement on death row
And in my eleventh hour you are clemency to me
You are freedom.

I have been thrashing in the deep in the coldest waters imaginable
And you have saved my life by putting your own on the line
You are salvation.

I had lost all hope as I descended into the morbid depths of hell itself
And solely by chance my saving grace has possessed you to redeem my existence
You are infinity.

How do I repay these life debts?
Maybe you’ll take my undying love in exchange.

How much higher can you take me?
I haven’t touched the ground since I approached you that day.

Will we ever fall off of this ledge that we dangle from?
Suspended here with you forever is my definite preference.

Can I look at you and not not tell you that I love you?
Nothing can be purer than my adoration for you.

You grant me infinite lenience
My soul escapes a thousand years of torment with you in the picture
All tucked in by your glorious grace
And embalmed by the peace you bestow.

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