I cannot have what I do not take
If you don’t surrender yourself fully then I am left here in torment
For your free will negates my selection
And we are without that which we desire.

Clearly heartache is the avoidable downfall
I’ll take the illusion of aloneness any day
Over this middle ground limbo
Though on hold, at least what I feel is true.

Why do we chase this allusive enchantment?
Does it not come to us without request?
Do we really choose it or does it choose us?
Surely we can’t have what we don’t create
And with you there is a passion so on fire that I cannot look away.

Maybe it’s the honest truth that without struggle it is all pointless. Lifeless
Maybe I should be welcoming the battle in all its many dialogues and all its schemes
Knowing that there is no victory in complacency arms me for war.

You are a rose in a thornbush
I handpicked you and with ease
There’s no putting you back
Your aroma has possessed me.

So dial me in and shed your status on impulse
You’ve made your choice, now make it real
Dwell with me for forever
Cancel the delay and give the upheaval a fighting chance.

Winters air can snuff these fevered hearts
As we toe this minefield set ablaze
Take my hand, I’ll shield your fervor
And make you forget the trap from which you’ve been sprung.

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