I have spent a lifetime
Wondering where you were
All the broken hearts
And disillusionment
Lead me nowhere.

I was broken
Bruised and bleeding
On my hands and knees
On broken glass
I sought you out.

The walls had caved
My soul poisoned
Yet in the dark
I saw your light.

Just like when evil
Was cast from heaven
Your goodness enveloped me
Expelling any fear
And all of my doubt.

You retrieved me
From the custody of doom
You lifted my gaze
And altered my life forever.

Mummified by your grace
I wandered into Eden
Enraptured willingly
Your embrace nullified my past.

I am unable to look away
From your sovereign throne
Once removed from deity
You are a being of immense light.

Undeniable and significant
Forever worthy
And blameless
Iconic radiancy personified.

And you are mine.

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