“The Navigator.”

Back to looking inward ’cause I do it so well
Laying here with blankets pulled high above my head
My heart rate slows
And my trepidation quickens.

I am still in you and you in me
But I feel without
At unease. Here on my knees
A requiem of you in my head
And in my heart
Whilst caught in a storm from which I am unable to navigate my way through.

On my own, things are typically fine
Like a sponge, I’ve soaked you in
And without your ongoing pool
I am drying up
How to face one’s day
Without your touch or without your voice
Twirls the compass for a misguided me.

All gravelly and unraveling
This isn’t how it should be
Free falling toward the abyss
With nothing to grab at
And no one to save me
Removed from the light
There is only evil afoot.

Still, your goodness sustains
My refrain from your side
Calloused heart remains open
As this ventricle dam cracks apart
I am swimming in feeling
And I wish I were numb
So I wouldn’t succumb to the emptiness.

All is well inside this hell
In this place without
In this field of doubt
It’s simply me with my thoughts
And my thoughts are under water
And I swear under oath that our love will not perish
In our dreams, we are awake. Together.

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  1. 🖤Twirls the compass for a misguided me.🖤

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