“Blink of the Eye”.

Even before we are ousted from the womb
There is evil plotting against us.
Whispers of malice spoken into existence.
Darkness forever unleashed.
If we had true sight,
If we could see the hideous malevolence,
The warriors in us would awaken quickly.
Or we would be run through in a heartbeat.

Do you not agree there is death everywhere?
If not in our face then it’s not in our minds.
But our blindness doesn’t vanquish it.
Without faith the unseen goes forgotten.
This is how we live our lives.
Disillusioning ourselves.
Stumbling through the bad
And sensing life is generally good.

It is not my intention to discredit
The beauty that is life.
Miracles spring up around us
And there is much good in our world.
The blistering light offsets the darkness
As night evolves into day.
And as sure as there are demons surrounding us at all times
There are magnificent angels, more glorious and radiant than we can imagine.

Let us thank God our eyes are shielded.
We should be grateful to be so oblivious.
Each day we step foot out our doors
And the day could be our last.
How wonderful it is not knowing when our final hour shall come.
What a blessing to not be privy to our fate.
‘Cause when the darkness closes in
This was just a blink of the eye.

By Hearts Erased

A blogger for 6 years, I now have my poetry collection being published.

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