“Love Constipated.”

In the sun our love grows fervent
In this arena it reaches heights unimaginable
We feed it in the presence of one another
And it’s watered by the passion we exude.

In the dead of winter everything freezes
When you’re gone it’s all paralysis
My heart has all but stopped channeling blood
In fact, internally I am quivering jelly.

You released me from solitary confinement
Then you expedited my corporal punishment
I have been dysfunctional on death row
And nothing could be more lethal.

All it takes is your inhabitantance
To cast off these chains
You can place me back amongst immortality
But you are not here to do it.

Is it better to completely lose love
Or to be dissalowed that white hot reception?
Like a child unable to reach the top shelf candy
I am unable to hold you in my arms.

Convalescent and fallen from your grace
Everything is white noise without you
If I could sleep ’til your return I would
And be pulled back into heaven once again.

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