“For the Betterment of Myself.”

To become the best version of myself
Has me displaced and upended
It has required hot coals and unlit alleyways
Sleepless nights surrounded by self doubt
Facing myself destroys the reflection I am accustomed to seeing
I need to slay the me who has been in control
The one whom lost control.

He is currently subdued
Bound and strung up by the ankles
The life is leaving him and it can’t reach completion fast enough
This soon-to-be former self opened doors uninvited
He lit the match on the trail to hell itself
To be cast down and obliterated
Is truly all that my heart desires
At least for the betterment of myself.

All those I have absorbed in my feeding frenzy of self annihilation
Are now struck down and dissolved
No trace of you shall remain
And your names are expunged forever
Like extricating demons in a well executed exorcism
I am free of your wretched whisperings
You never knew me to begin with.

In between the lines I have found my footing
Irrevocable healing stamped mercilessly on my person.
Hear me, underworld and all its inhabitants:
Where once my head was buried
I now march into a new flame
Reveal my ordinance and claim this golden authority
Wreathed in triumph
And illuminated like the sun.

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