“The Unwavering Sweetness.”

Like when the dark creeps on the night
I need to settle into your warmth
Emerse myself in the depths of you
May I be held captive by you forever.

From the center of your embrace
Without sound, I am convinced of your love
I shall not want anything other than this:
The unwavering sweetness of your innermost place.

Please swallow up all that I am
And let me bathe in your grace
Thrust into your pool of satisfaction
Amidst our communion, we are made one.

With you, I reach heights otherwise unattainable
The swell of my adoration levitates our hearts and minds
I crave your scent like I need air
And I could eat you as days blend forever.

Adulate with me for the rest of our days
In our loins. In our souls. In our blood
We are hidden away deep inside paradise
And here we will remain fulfilled until the end.

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