“The Man In Me.”

When the darkness comes
Can you see her shining light?
Deep inside this stretch of black
Do you see the shade of white?
Are your eyes allowed to see
When the blinds are drawn so tight?
And with the dawn, so far away
Can you see past this sleepless night?

I am aware of a love so strong
It brings me clarity all night long
Inside my head I’ll sing this song
This perfect place where we belong.

Undo me. Untie my knots
Release your peace inside my thoughts
My inner workings, flushed and taut
Within my blood you’ve come to rot.

You’ve come to fix, you’ve come to taste
My soul enraptured in this haste
Your whispered vows, your holy face
It’s here you find me in your grace.

To my betrothed, I love you so
I’ll kiss your lips then head to toe
Inside your flesh, my seed will sow
All this I’ve ever wanted you to know.

The man in me is who I shall be
The man in me is on fire, you see
The man in me is chained to thee
The man in me will set you free.

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  1. Nice Poem and thanks for the follow.. Enjoy Blog life.. following you now too.

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