“Amidst The Dirt.”

Purge myself and lie in wait
This silhouette of my own fate
I let you hold me in this state
You locked me in behind this gate.

To you I’ve chained, to you I’ve sworn
To stay with you, yet so forlorn
I’m broken down, I feel so worn
I welcome death, it’s you I mourn.

So burn this hope right to the ground
Unspool myself, so tightly wound
I will stay lost, I’ll be unfound
I’ll dig myself back underground.

In casket shut, amidst the dirt
I’ll consecrate all of my hurt
But far too late, this disconcert
To thoughts of you, always revert.

I see your pain is deep as mine
You, too, remember when all was fine
We had the means, we could rewind
But you said to me, all in your time.

Time won’t stand still, the door will shut
Your love filetted me through my gut
The bliss was real, no matter what
Now here we are, in dust, we rot.

15 responses to ““Amidst The Dirt.””

  1. Stop making me cry! LOL šŸ–¤šŸ‘Œ

    1. Lol aw, our darn emotions, hey!

      1. šŸ–¤ It was beautiful.

      2. Thank you so much. Seems hard to fit all that we feel into a few words but I keep trying.

      3. I empathize on a grandiose scale. šŸ–¤ The trying sets the stage for magnificent beauty. šŸ–¤

      4. Beautifully put!

      5. I’ll take a better look at your catalogue this evening. Sorry I haven’t thus far.

      6. šŸ–¤ O I understand! It happens that way sometimes. LoL. I end up looking like a temporary stalker quite often… Lol Liking a years’ worth of work at a time. LoL

      7. Haha well thanks for stalking, ya weirdo! I appreciate it!

      8. šŸ™ƒšŸ–¤

      9. What if I had a few blog related questions? Might you be into communicating thru whatsapp or something?

      10. madam@madamchryzl.com … lol I do this cutting edge stuff… email.

      11. Lol pretty hard-core!

  2. Man I have to say, it is a bliss to read poetry with actual rhythm and rhyme, instead of the rowdy mash of words and images usually served as poetry these days. Old school maybe, but that’s the road less travelled…

  3. ‘Lots of great imagery…my favorite is :
    “Unspool myself, so tightly wound.” Fantastic!!

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