“The Compass Of My Heart.”

At the foot of your mountain
All that is within me
Cannot put into words your majesty.

The immensity before me
Would take a lifetime to comprehend
And I’d barely scratch your surface.

I want to navigate your globe
To explore your inner vastness
Would mean absolutely everything to me.

If I could bridge your streams
And feel your warmth in the sun
I would be well on my way to blissful elation.

The compass of my heart
Would never betray either of us
It leads to you forevermore.

So let me pioneer you thoroughly
Allow me permanent residency on your soil
As I plant my flag in your garden.

Evict the current tenant
For his campaign here is complete
Let hail rain down where he stands forever.

I declare that you will prosper
I surrender to your fertile hill
And we will walk hand in hand into oblivion.

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