“Fly To The Stars.”

We drew closer today than ever before
Since those moments my feet haven’t touched the floor
Together we drifted miles from the shore
You’ve given me all and now I want more.

Nothing here is contrived Nothing here will erase
Let my eyes dance upon your magnificent face
Bring me back to those seconds. Bring me back to that place
Keep me here unabashed in your flawless embrace.

Unintelligent ramblings of those that don’t know
How a love so insatiable quenches the soul
We are blessed and euphoric, inescapable glow
I will love you forever from your head to your toes.

In my dreams, you awaken the lover in me
Like a violent tsunami, I’ll wash over thee
Penetrating your center’s my sole guarantee
I’ll unshackle your chains as I set your soul free.

Hold my hands in this dance as we fly to the stars
Close your eyes as we circle the Moon and then Mars
We are claiming these moments for these memories are ours
We are beings of light cleansed from all of our scars.

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  1. Wow!
    This is such a beautiful love poem!

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