Your beauty leaves candied residue eternal in my eyes
To not know your sticky sweet affection is to be without air
The gooey goodness of your hearts intent washes over me
This sugary cola sedation dripping from you never wears off.

I have amassed a hearty appetite for your lickable delights
You melt in my mouth like French vanilla ice cream on a smoldering summers day
Your aroma is like rich dark chocolate; sweet and palpable
One bite and my lips are numb with your sugarcoated intoxicant.

Your cotton candy kisses infuse my longings with sugary sweet desire
I blend into your soft marshmallow comfort with buttery ease
On high heat, we coalesce Forever one
And I will savor your tasty amore until the end of time.

5 responses to ““Coalesce.””

  1. i just got hungry. good poem.

  2. 👏How sweet! 🖤

  3. This is very nice!

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