“She Was Here.”

You linger on my pillow
And my bliss is decapitated when you walk out the door
Hell seeps into heaven as your silhouette diminishes in your exit
Wanting to reverse time inverts my equilibrium because I will always fail.

Yet here I lay with closed eyes
Inhaling what’s left of you on my pillow
I’m treating it like a crime scene with the yellow tape and the chalk outline
No one enters as I marinate in your precious DNA.

I desire more and more samples of you
These moments that breed memories
And the memories that come to life
Part of you resides in me
And in this temple you are the crown.

What you leave behind matters
The same as if you were still here
It is proof that you live outside my mind
And that you were just one with my flesh
I did not invent you nor have I fabricated any mementos attached to your name.

So, for now, I am here with you, without you
This scented apparition will overtake my senses the way you overtook my life
And I will keep this version of you in the pocket of my heart forever.

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