“The Most Significant Objective.”

I stumbled upon my own funeral today
In the dead of night, surrounded by flame
Murder was the cause of death
And Love, the guilty suspect
My children in attendance; my mother, too
How they howled and shook
Without my consolance as their guide.

I will never love again for its betrayal is far greater than its embrace
You were my final attempt
This chasing of the ghost
This false hope to be avoided at any cost
But I sought it and I captured it
And then it ravaged me whole and spit out my soul, as my dead flesh lie in rot.

I wholeheartedly thought you were real
With naked assertations I bared all
And you burned me to the ground
You took my life when it wasn’t yours to extinguish
You took my love and turned it against me
Though not your intention, you played on my emotions
Until I had nothing left to feel.

My participation in the event with you
Should have bridged despair with hope
The intent was to breed joy everywhere our feet landed
And the most significant objective was for you to regain your freedom. To live free
But instead your cage is now smaller
And the walls are closing in
And I have no doubt that you will soon join me underground.

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