“Butterfly Wings.”

She’s the kind of girl that keeps it inside
Neither as mementos nor as reasons of value
But because her kindness engulfs malfeasance
Though criminal to think at how many junctures she’s been wronged
Her resilient demeanor trumps eternal.

She is goodness personified.
An orchid in a field of choking weeds
The unrelenting, unrewarded angel glides with an effervescent majesty
Held down and mistreated far too long
Internalizing trauma that should have never been
A silhouette of immeasurable restoration
Oh, she will restore!

Transfixed in the pupa stage
Cocooned by her tormentor The chameleon bastard
And, with a front row seat, I am taking in her metamorphosis
She is stretching her butterfly wings now
Her triumphant war cry echoes through the screaming silence
Like a crimson bullet blistering toward your head.

She is a Phoenix rising from the ashes
Unrestricted and pulsing with exhalation
Abundant in beauty and second to none
If it is possible I shall love her more and more as the minutes pass
For she is to be adored as her light shines so bright
And in the resurrection of serenity all becomes still in this place.

4 responses to ““Butterfly Wings.””

  1. Empathetic and committed, two good attributes for a human to have.

  2. Beautiful poem and thank you for following my blog.

    1. Thank you too!

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