“Pumpkin Guts.”

You have slipped through my open fingers like cold sand
My eyelids blink and you’re no where to be found
I couldn’t save you from yourself
And in the act I’ve lost who I am forever.

The tears keep falling, so hot and wet
I can’t sleep and my eyes won’t stay open
There is no desire for food
Though I want something inside to fill the empty.

You have hollowed me, oh, so well
I am drained of all joy and of anything that was good
Like pumpkin guts, you have spooned out my innards
Cold now, without any substance.

What was real and alive are now just painful memories
Ones I can’t bear to rewatch yet, anyway
Looking at you through my rear view
Perforates what’s left of my internal organs.

You were the last, for I will never love again
None of it was worth it to be diced and maimed like this
You found me in the best place of my life
And have left me filleted and wanting death.

So I limp and crouch in pools of blood
Holding my empty chest cavity together
I am bleeding out the last cc of love I have inside
I will die alone tonight.

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