“Planet Imbecile”.

The greatest, most accurate depiction
Of a fool is when you meet your own gaze.
Your beady eyes staring back at you
Should be proof enough that you are Population 1 on Planet Imbecile.

The violator himself, accused of countless misdeeds.
A clueless perpetrator at his own hearing.
History has revealed poor excuses of men
But you, vile sir, are the purest of all evil.

The memorandum dictates you are free to go.
For your crimes, you may go unpunished.
Yet you linger like a toxic mold
Exercising your foul, make believe power
When your time has monumentally passed.
Nothing could be more obvious yet you stay.

When a man abuses something weaker than himself
Not once but for decades
There are not only words for that
But lower levels of hades that await.

You are a disgusting malignant coward.
You are not welcome in my neighborhood
And you have forfeited the greatest gift.
Remove yourself and never look back. Bully yourself into perdition.

By Hearts Erased

A blogger for 6 years, I now have my poetry collection being published.

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