“Bleeding Out.”

I am man, and I am bruised
I am alone, and I will lose
I wear my heart upon my sleeve
I’m without joy in your reprieve
I try and fail and burn and die
I watch your feelings, you deny
I made this mess all by myself
In raging flames I will engulf.

My lungs are filling up with blood
I’m disconnected in this flood
My arteries are open wide
I’m bleeding out from the inside
My call to carry on is dim
In your refusal to leave him
My grasp on anything is weak
I whisper for you, hear me speak.

I’ve called you forth, I’ve called you out
But you just stay there stuck, without
In countless times I’ve said the words
The time is now, look through your blur
Life is so good, so I recall
Please show me that you will stand tall
Resuscitate my dying shell
Please rescue both of us from hell.

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