“Embellish Our Rapture.”

There is levitation in that moment
When ones soul purges despair
And hope re-emerges with its foot in the door
It’s curtains for the darkness
Just as the sun creeps the horizon.

I am shepherding your heart
And it’s never left my hands
Like blowing air on a dying spark
I brought it to my lips and kissed life inside
Ensuring refuge to the one I love
Centralizes the sheer importance of you.

Do you understand how amazing you are?
I refuse to lose any more hope
For your love for me reconstructs
The way you look at me puts the pins back in my grenades
You holster my fear when you whisper your adoration.

I am not without your glorious presence
And when your flesh is one with mine
We are called into eternity
There is no greater sensation than being in love with you
This enchanted absolution renders us full beyond measure.

I count the minutes til every sunset is ours
You have given me more than I’ve ever asked
And I’ll spend my life worshipping your name
Advance further into the sun, baby
And I will lift you to the heavens
Together we will embellish our rapture.

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