It is a journey loving you.

Alluring and compellingly obstinate
You are immovable as you are divine.

It is a journey I’m willing to take.

In passions release, your fire burns bright
And your ardency for me remains unshaken.

It is a journey we are both amidst.

Your desire and your needs coexist
To be unshackled and born again.

It is a journey feeling your pain.

My adoration grows rapidly for you
In this final malignancy of your old life.

It is a journey in patience for us both.

You have tested my endurance
And your faithfulness remains immortal.

It is a journey we shall live forever.

In you, I have found resonance
And I will never leave your side.

It is a journey we were made for.

Our past has prepared us
Our present connects us, and our future is solidified by our fidelity.

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  1. Wonderful piece

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