“Descend To Me.”

With palpable heartache
I tread toward the flame
This rusted, beating anchor
Cascades within my abdomen
Drawn back inside the womb
To remedy the wounds that will not heal
Reanimate me one more time
And extract us from obliteration.

Cancel the circumstance
And sustain our love
Splayed wide for you
Reaching toward your elegance
With fingertips embrace
You are within my reach
I am calling down heaven tonight
Answer thee. Descend to me.

Your precious lips converge with mine
And steal me deep inside
There is no where else I’d rather be
But inside your candy-coated circle
Aligned with you. In love with you
Coerced by your affection
Melt into my flesh
As the tendrils of our hearts embed.

See through my walls. Entwine inside
Be true to me and I, in you
Hold onto us as we elevate
For what we have is more than enough
Penalize the oppressor, not one another
And we will go the distance
Dreams became our reality
In our sleep we wake forever.

Rupture every barrier with me
And invoke the magic of our union
Commission your soul to devour peace
And you shall float on joy eternal
Our symbiosis was premeditated long ago
Born destined to be one
Spiritually indivisible and ethereal supreme
Parallel divinity encompassing.

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