My breath is labored
Counterpart to the pain of my heart
This vile oppression
Constricts my organs
Needy and abused
And swimming in doubt
Abandoned in hell
Without all that is good.

I am the ant
And you hold the glass
Making me squirm
Watching me die
Cripple my soul
And bury my heart
Leave me to rot
To erase from the earth.

Trauma to the cerebellum
Anguish unbeknownst
I am soon to be a ghost
Caged not unlike yourself
Living in the shadows
And dying in the light
A purgatory permanence
Devoid of any truth.

This bobbing buoy
In the deepest waters
Suspended in renunciation
And left to die
My hearts unattended arrythmia
Destined for full arrest
Under your callous watch
Will not survive the night.

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