In the quiet of the blackest night
While the house is asleep
And they dream of tomorrow
I do not.

In the midst of life
In the bustle of agendas
From morning ’til night
I am empty.

While they yearn for love
Whether finding it or misplacing
They are fulfilled
And I am unable to attain it.

There are no more colors
When you hollow me these ways
When you kiss me nice
Then you spit in my face.

You tear my heart to shreds
And I offer up another piece
You stomp all over it
And I don’t know what hit me.

You are evil incarnate
Yet I cling to your side
Feeding me razors and lies
While you tell me I am loved.

Keep sending those vultures
Watch them consume what is left
So you are absolved
And can live out your own hell.

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