“Alabaster Cherubim.”

You drip cataclysm
And I’ll absorb it to the bone
You are whirlwind
Swirling violently inside my skull
You are lightning
Angel wing voltage from above
You’ve been lowered from heaven
Here to resurrect me from the grave.

You came to heal
Saving me from beasts unaccounted for
You are my alabaster cherubim
Lifting my lowly heart
You are cleanser
Making me new, setting me apart
You are salvation
And I am nestled graciously beside you.

So come to me now
May I embrace your acquaintance forever
Like the setting sun
You devour my identity whole
You are my fortune personified
I will embezzle your adoration in buckets
To your soul I am latched
And within your mind I reside unabashed.

If this is a dream, I have never slept before
Full possession at its finest
With impunity I lay at your feet
Guilt free and far into your moment
Plucked from the outside insanity
I am aligned with your beautiful storm
Touch down in me
So that I may realize all your aching truth.

2 responses to ““Alabaster Cherubim.””

  1. This is lovely, the words and their beauty speak directly to my soul. In fact, I only wish I’d paid more attention to poetry while at school, when I see something as beautiful as this I only now realise the impact a poem can have.

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