“While I Pry This Trap Apart.”

I looked inside the window of her soul
I saw many things
But the greatest was fear
The thick, heavy blackness
Rippling like a vast lake
Deep and drowning
Consuming every other notion
And poisonous as death.

My hands can go around her
And I like to think they could reach inside
To pull her from the depths
To shake her loose from its webs
With snakes coiling her legs
She is held immovable
Her long hair buoyant under water
On display and frozen in time.

There is much life in her
Without a second to lose she must wake
While I pry this trap apart
She must leap from the violator who sprung it
I’ll disentangle the barbs while I hold off her oppressor
Utilize my size for I will bear her weight
On mountain terrain I will endure her brokenness
And into the night we chart her freedom.

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