“Delirious Sanctum.”

My fingers float down your back
Emptiness eclipsed
Seducing your soul
Elevating our senses
Eden electric.

The recesses of your heart open up
Inviting me
Coercing me
Entrancing me
Possessing me.

Your skin, the threshold to your marrow
I want inside
Making you pant
Hearing you scream
Delirious sanctum.

With fingers clasped, we are one
Like a dream
Too engorged to wake
Lost in you
Is where I find myself.

Internal lightning shared with you
The beat of our hearts
And the taste of desire
When the heavens explode
Ecstacy everlasting.

An embrace to encompass eternity
My head in your neck
Catching our breath
Warm and infused
Doling adoration.

With love made and with love on our lips
I could lay here forever
With you, my only
My betrothed, my baby
The suns warmth arises within.

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