“Queen and King.”

Some days are luckier than others
I don’t believe in luck, or soul mates
Though you complete me like it’s real.

My life is one perpetual movie shoot
Except it isn’t fake and I’m not acting
I don’t get paid but it sure is surreal.

Our love is bigger than any desperation
You’re there and I’m here but we’re together
Even when there’s anger we’re in love.

When you push away, I pull you closer
In your ignorance there is reason
You’ll not forget me into twilight.

You’re the star of the book I’m writing
For a leading lady you failed the audition
But only because you’re better than the rest.

The downs are bottomless
And the ups are within the heavens
Our in-betweens are far from sugar coated monotony.

The amount of bliss you award me is high
I don’t toe the line when it comes to heights
The view up here with you is sickening enough.

We are one in the same yet different by far
I feed from you as you drink me in
A meal fit for royalty since we are queen and king.

Today you melted me with your touch
Tomorrow you might have me pulling out handfuls of hair
On my knees I will carry you, forever.

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