“An Audience Of You”.

Before I knew you, I was aware of nothing
Ricocheting from one blur to the next.
All sleepy-eyed and quietly detached
A calamitous fraud devoid of alignment.

Enter the most significant nanosecond of my existence: the moment we met.
I took up an audience of you.
Without duress, I acquired your acquaintance
Because you drew air, my whole life stopped then started anew.

We were called up as amoebas
Set apart for each other yet existing without for half our lives
Everything was made clear that first time I saw you.
Those bewitching blue eyes ensnared me without hesitation.

We are tethered auspiciously in congruence
The mental calisthenics I do in relation to you allows me a sound mind.
Every time we reconvene it’s Christmas morning
So shall I unwrap your delicate packaging.

I have thirsted for you every moment since
Amidst the darkness I summon your light.
You are breaking chains in your full frontal passion assault
And the hideousness of our past lie in putrescence.

New ground is broken, now pave the way
There is no end to what we have begun.
In ecstacy aflame our footsteps are divine
And with your name on my lips, we shall embrace euphoria as one.

By Hearts Erased

A blogger for 6 years, I now have my poetry collection being published.

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