In these mortal shells we absorb depravity
The excrement life bathes us in
Holds us down invariably
Without any hope of emancipation
A pressurized existence
Plateuing at every imaginable deviation
We are programmed for failure.

Like you, I’ve felt the weight of the world
With claws dug in, I’ve been carried and dropped
Persecuted for offenses uncommitted
Deadlines impossible to meet
Awaiting decapitation on my knees
Amidst chaos airborne and ingested
We are running to stand still.

Out of us all, you’ve been smothered the most
You have suffered unnecessary misdeeds
But I have outstanding news for you:
You are ascending as we speak
Out the ashes, you arise
Like poison drawn from a wound
You are to be lifted high
To remain amongst the clouds.

There is great elation in watching you shine
You’re shedding fear
Like the skin you wore too tight
Our love is kindling to your flame
And patience has fanned it into a blaze
No utterance will douse your incandescence
With truth infused, you press onward to completion.

The magnificence of these moments cannot be diminished
Fortune is favoring you
Victory is at hand as his brow begins to bleed
You ride on the backs of a thousand thoroughbreds
Galloping madly and without restraint
You will not be denied any longer
Crushing the larynx in one swift motion.

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