“I Am The Dynamite.”

To say that you’re enough doesn’t nearly suffice
The volume of your presentation is colossal
Knowing the existence of someone like you floors me indefinitely
And if I’m in the forefront of your universe
The reward is beyond anything imaginable.

You are woman
The embodiment of magnificence
An offshoot to the mundanity of life itself
Your countenance is glitz and gold
And I am privy to the glory surrounding.

I feast my heart on the perception of you
To be in your circle cashes me out in perpetuity
As you reveal your current metamorphosis
I am warmed to the core
These kind of dividends nestle me nicely.

Your identity has been bested by turmoil
But the nights of loathing are over
There is an awakening of epic proportions
Rising inside you like a volcano relinquishing it’s dormancy
And I am the dynamite that just went off.

So saturate the accolades at hand
And I will shield you from the fall-out
Days like these should never have come
Sometimes the darkness blots the light
But you are woman
And you will emerge unscathed.

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