“While Dead Inside.”

She walks through fields without end
Hoping that her heart will mend
Her tear stained cheeks burn in the sun
With thoughts upon the loaded gun
Caught in this maze without reprieve
Her heart still playing tricks, deceive
What once made sense fell on deaf ears
This cage contains her deepest fears.

Manipulating voices reign
Inside her head, inside her brain
In suffocations death release
She’s held in place and without peace
This claustrophobic living dream
It binds her hands, it binds her feet
In trading happiness for this
She’s pushed away her loves soft kiss.

They’re playing house while dead inside
He’s killing her, his ghosted bride
She lets him be the marionette
The puppetmasters living threat
She’s wanted death, any way out
Her silent screams, those muted shouts
With joy deplete the plan is made
To live the incarcerated way.

The cobwebs now surround her heart
Just like they have right from the start
She’s given up her will to fight
Back in the quicksand is her plight
By his feet with collar on
She sits and obeys like a pawn
With blinders on, her gaze ahead
All of us involved are dead.

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