“Let The Shackles Fall.”

I have always felt pride in being man
I suppose it’s all I’ve ever known
When other men misuse and abuse
These oppressors give me a bad name
However, writing about such buffoons is folly
I shan’t waste any more time on them.

Any pride beset on myself is blown away
At the mere mention of your holy name
Your lips have so wisely confessed
That your story will free many more like you
Uncaging yourself is only the beginning
For your glory is to be heard world wide.

Dance, my love, and let the shackles fall
You are weightless, orbiting the moon
In the morning, you’ll shine brighter than the sun
And the stars will pale in comparison
This gift is to yourself and long overdue
So fill your basket because you are abundantly worthy.

Now restoration has come
For I can be a man with pride
Because you have so blessed me in knowing you
On your wings, I learn my true identity
And you take me to heights unimaginable
The commencement of eternity is here.

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