“He Is Killing You”.

Like a serpent poised on death
He opens his mouth and you come running.

Any whispers of desperation traps you
Deters you instantly from happiness.

Immediately when his mouth shuts
You betray him to me.

And in a heart beat, you betray me to him
Back and forth on repeat.

Like a confused child who will not listen
Who will not hear truth and follow through.

You confess despising hurting me
Then a second later it’s “hold that thought”
“Let me stomp on you for hours then be right back”.

Everyone in your circle advising you wisely: RUN!
And you piss on us all.

You cling to the abuser who’s traumatized you for over a decade
As though you owe him something.

You are paralyzed by his words and actions
You reduce your own soul to ash by remaining by his evil side.

He is killing you and you are fully aware
He deserves nothing yet you give all.

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